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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dustland Express - Demo

Dustland Express

Ok, so if this is the demo, what can we expect from the album? The album was released 1 Dec 2009 already, but I tend to not follow the latest hottest and take my time to scour the internet for new releases.

I was quite keen to hear that the boys from Maninsuit have morphed into a new outfit. I thoroughly enjoyed the good old metal edge of Maninsuit, so I was expecting something similar. Well, if quality musicianship is what I was after, I found that here.

Dustland Express departs rather radically from the previous style, and takes on electronica in a big way, with the complimentary hard-edge guitar work and high-angst vocals one might expect from rockers. The only thing is, here a proper cross over is achieved. Often times cross-over music ends up being neither here nor there, where these guys have already on their demo found an identifiable style, that stays more or less consistent through the album. Often, cross-over debuts sounds like guys throwing everything they own into a mixer and finds songs in there. Here a very mature thread is taken through songs that vary considerably, yet maintain direction.

Oh, before I go on… the album is available for free/pay-what-you-want download.


A criticism is probably expected in any review, and as I tend to review things I like, I can keep it to a minimum. Faster and more “intense” sound seems to suit them better than slower, almost hip-hop patterning.

Please check these guys out, well worth the effort. Also, they’re a South African outfit, based in Cape Town, so if you reside around here, try and catch them live.

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